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We at Kahn & Richardson want you to feel as confident as possible. We’ve put together a list of New York State Resources that might be helpful in educating you and/or providing further information about your matrimonial or child custody issues:


PURSUANT TO DOMESTIC RELATIONS LAW SECTION 236 Part B, Section 2, as added by Chapter 72 of the Laws of 2009, both spouses (the parties) are bound by the following AUTOMATIC ORDERS upon commencement of a matrimonial action, which shall remain in full force and effect while the action is pending, unless terminated, modified or amended by further order of the court or upon written agreement between the parties.


  1. Neither party shall sell, transfer, encumber, conceal, assign, remove or in any way dispose of, without the consent of the other party in writing, or by order of the court, any property (including, but not limited to, real estate, personal property, cash accounts, stocks, mutual funds, bank accounts, cars and boats) individually or jointly held by the parties, except in the usual course of business, for customary and usual household expenses or for reasonable attorney s fees in connection with this action.
  2. Neither party shall transfer, encumber, assign, remove, withdraw or in any way dispose of any tax deferred funds, stocks or other assets held in any individual retirement accounts, 40lK accounts, profit sharing plans, Keogh accounts, or any other pension or retirement account, and the parties shall further refrain from applying for or requesting the payment of retirement benefits or annuity payments of any kind, without the consent of the other party in writing, or upon further order of the court, except that any party who is already in pay status may continue to receive such payments thereunder.
  3. Neither party shall incur unreasonable debts hereafter, including, but not limited to, further borrowing against any credit line secured by the family residence, further encumbrancing any assets, or unreasonably using credit cards or cash advances against credit cards, except in the usual course of business or for customary or usual household expenses, or for reasonable attorneys fees in connection with this action.
  4. Neither party shall cause the other party or the children of the marriage to be removed from any existing medical, hospital and dental insurance coverage, and each party shall maintain the existing medical, hospital and dental insurance coverage in full force and effect.
  5. Neither party shall change the beneficiaries of any existing life insurance policies, and each party shall maintain the existing life insurance, automobile insurance, homeowners and renters insurance policies in full force and effect.

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