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The New York State Marriage Equality Act, passed in 2011, grants same-sex couples the freedom to marry in New York State. This law prohibits the denial of a marriage license to a same-sex couple. The Marriage Equality Act requires that all married couples be treated equally.


Complying with the Same Legal Requirements


Same-sex couples who wish to marry in New York State must comply with the same legal requirements that are applicable to marriages between members of the opposite sex.


Automatic Access to Protections Granted to All Spouses


Same-sex marriages in New York State are entitled to automatic access to all of the protections granted to all spouses under state and local laws in New York, including state tax benefits, insurance benefits, health care and family leave, and more.


Getting Divorced in New York State


Be sure to review our page relating to an overview of divorce and separation in New York State here.


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For more information, see our blog post An Overview of the Marriage Equality Act.

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